Keeper league can be termed as the best fantasy league that currently exists in the circles of Fantasy football.

If you have not tried the Keeper league so far then you have missed some serious entertainment. The keeper league provides you the real flair of NFL.

Keepers League in a Glance


2017 Dynasty Rankings

Fantasy Football Keeper/Dynasty Rankings (2017)

Keeper league basically allows the owners to carry their NFL players from one particular year to the next. The fun fact about keeper league is that in this league you need to make tough decisions related to the players which you want to keep and the players you want to get rid of.

A situation may arise that you may have only 3-4 players to keep from your particular roster. In such a scenario you have to make tough decisions regarding your players. You have to see which players are vital for you and which are not. Though the keeper format may look simple, however the fact of the matter is that it can become really tricky. Overall the league is a healthy source of entertainment.

Advantages and Dis advantages of Keeper League

Before I jump onto the application of Keeper League, let me just quickly share with you people some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.


– You will feel as if you are a real NFL manager
– The keeper league allows you to become part of special groups
– Your team serves as your reflection and you get the flair of true ownership
– You get the extra rights related to bragging


– More effort and hard work is required especially if compared with redraft league of traditional nature
– A bad draft can hurt you for many ages
– Once initial draft is done by you, the NFL rookies become more valuable

Working of Keeper League


League Set Lineup

Dynasty League Set Lineup

– The keeper league is overall similar to other fantasy leagues however the only difference lies in the fact that in keeper league you are allowed to retain certain players from year to year.

– During the first season, the performance of the draft is similar to any other league. In most of the cases 5-10 players can be kept from each team however this very much depends upon the rules.

– The dynasty league allows the owners to retain players of the last season.

– When it comes to the implementation of the keeper league then there are many ways through which you can do it. There is no single methodology in this regard. You can discuss what you have in your mind with the fellow members and implement it.


As there is no single application method as discussed already, however there are some basics that can be followed by you. These basics are as follows

– Try to get the best owners
– Optimum league size
– Get the best rules
– Try to implement optimum line settings
– Determine the best draft order