With summer bidding its goodbye, it’s time for football, and of course, along with it comes fantasy football. So, fantasy football is a competition where participants from all over create their imaginary teams. They must choose real players and according to the performance of these players on the field, your team gets scored. Yes, there are a set of rules you must follow, and it is always advised that you get the hang of the rules, before you start.

The first step after you familiarize yourself with all the rules is to draft your team, and you will have to manage them through the NFL season. Every week, you will have to choose a new line-up strategically. For this, watch all the matches. Make a note of all the best players. Take a look at your player’s game. Analyse and think before choosing your line-up. And then, your team competes with another team from your league. Playoffs occur during the end of the NFL season and the reel champion is announced before the actual playoffs begin.

The most exciting part of fantasy football is drafting. But yes, managing the teams is also super fun. However, it is good to be prepared always because when the season starts, anything can occur. Even if you have one of the best teams, it is possible that your player might get injured and you will have to replace them, or your star players doesn’t perform as expected and you may end up benching him. Therefore, it is always good to keep an open mind and be ready for anything before you start.

Sis Loves Me

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Sis Loves Me - NFL Players Choice

Sis Loves Me – NFL Players Choice

How To Join A League?

Fantasy football is played by almost 20 million people in the U.S alone. Maybe your friend, colleague or your sibling is already playing. So, ask people you know, who you think might be playing. But, if you don’t know anyone, today, there are several free online leagues looking for teams. Some of the popular sites include; ESPN and Yahoo! sports.

All About Naming Your Team

Always remember, it might be witty for you, but there are chances that someone might get offended. That being said, you can choose three routes when it comes to naming your team; funny, offensive, a combo of both. Some people also opt for punning the name of their favourite player, such as Rice, Rice, Baby or Orton Hears a Boo. You can also choose something filmy or political as long as its witty.

Understanding Drafting

Drafting is where you can show-off your football skills and knowledge. There are types of drafts and this includes; snake drafts, straight draft and auction draft. In snake style draft, random draft order is chosen and in auction draft the players go to the one who bids the highest. Always have a better understanding of the drafts, before you proceed. The basic strategy you must follow is having a mix of star players, lesser-known players, and players who have potential. Finally, football is unpredictable. Therefore, to replace the players who are injured or aren’t performing well, you can always choose players from the free agent pool.