Family and friends barbecue for dinner, the games on, fantasy at it’s finest, as the team’s clash on screen, the family and friends get ready for desert. Fantasy is really about fun, family, and friends. It brings people together. As monoliths of our generation battle on screen, we barbecue, play, enjoy… What’s not to like about fantasy football? As the cold weather comes in, it’s seems that we always want to stay healthy, then we think of our players on our team, whether they’re healthy or not, and it looks like it’s going to a healthy season, with not too many people on the IR list, in fact only a couple few.


Brother Crush is a big thing these days in NFL. Why? Because it’s all about fantasy that’s gone terribly wrong, in a way. Having a crush on step family member is really on a wave in the adult industry right now and building up a gay version of something so successful is always tricky. It seems that with Brother Crush it might be even bigger hit!

Look for wide receivers to be big this coming year, in 2018, just about as large as running backs, if that’s possible, with quarterbacks going first in most drafts, especially the larger 16 draft teams. The 12 teams look good in the first round for running backs, as do the 10 teams. Tight ends look a little bit, like some, especially in 16 teams will be looking for a new player(s), even rookies. 10 teams will have a much easier time with tight ends, yet they to may feel the force of players getting older, some announcers are even talking about retirement for many of the not even that old of players. It’s a tough position to play, and the players are roughed up from the last few years of play. Watch for QB’s like Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco to heat it up even more, especially with Matt Ryan having a new tight end, only 4 touchdowns, yet Austin Hooper is one to look out for also, as tight ends might not come that easy. There are rules to the game of fantasy, please follow up here. This article has all the detail on acquiring players, player salary, players tenure, and draft position.


In the West, could the Forty Niners do well next year, they played well in the end of the season, seemed to be on a coming back stage. They were in the Super Bowl not so long ago. Arizona, depending on whom they pick up for quarterback, could be in their tough. The once not so great looking west, could shape up nicely in 2018. In the East, Tom Brady’s is getting a little roughed up, yet he’s still top notch, after that last Super Bowl appearance. Could the Falcon’s be back in the conversation again in 2018? They have Matt Ryan at the helm, with plenty of experience, and Julio Jones. But back in the West, look for Seattle to possibly conquer again, with Doug Baldwin catching. The Panther’s look well, with Cam Newton, yet their receiving core needs work, along with their ground attack, on a fantasy standpoint, no doubt.


2018’s season will heat up more after the draft, and the trading deadlines start, but it will be fun when it’s there. What new rules will happen if any? No, word yet, but we’ll keep an eye out for such activities.


Are the Jaguars going to be hot again, they’re keeping their defense together fairly well. The Colts have Andrew Luck, and T.Y. Hilton for a season that’s going to look good for them. The Seattle SeaHawks have a great defense; should keep them in the hunt. Dallas Cowboys could be there with the help of Dez Bryant. Miami Dolphins defense is looking good. New York Giants have Janoris Jenkins, with his first Pro Bowl selection. Even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be on the upside, with a better season from Jameis Winston. The San Diego Chargers all though somewhat older, yet still could be in the mix. , Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, The Redskins, The Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, and The Kansas City Chiefs; all have good chances. It’s going to be a fun 2018 season, first the draft, then pre-season.


It’ll be time enough when the stands open up for the big games, it will be jubilation in the air, when the Draft first starts, then pre-season, then the openers. Even though last season just ended, it’s hard not to think about what’s going to be exciting in 2018. Let’s hope for some good games.