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Evan Engram runs the ball during the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide

Football is a popular sport and it is watched by many throughout the world. A thing which has further made football exciting is the concept of Fantasy Football. Fantasy football is a virtual game where you act as a general manager of a football club. The game is very exciting and it certainly serves as a nice way through which you can pass your leisure time. If you are already a person involved in fantasy football then I am sure that you will agree with me. The individuals who have not played fantasy football so far should try it as well. Do not worry there are many beginning guides  which you can find on the internet.


In this short discourse with you guys I am going to share with you some of the ruling variations that can be made to make your Fantasy football more exciting. These variations are discussed in the points below.

– After the agreement of the trade, rather than holding a veto vote you can allow some time so that other teams can make public counter offers as well. Once the window is closed and no other offers come by then it means that the trade goes through. If some offers have been made then in such a case any of the owner can pull back from the original deal and can accept the new offer.

fantasy football

NFL Fantasy Football League

– You can avoid collusion by making it practically impossible for the poor performing teams to have an impact on your playoffs. You can practically make this happen by not allowing the last standing team to promote its studs in the team that is first placed. You can make a rule that after the passing of a certain date, trades can only be made among the teams within 3 spots of each other in the current standings.

– Everybody agrees to the fact that Fantasy Football is all about luck. There are many cases where an owner correctly predicts which team will win the league however that owner loses the tournament due to wrong play (such as choosing to pass rather than run the ball). The idea is that you can bring about a rule which awards the owners whose predictions were correct.

– You can develop a rule where the team owners are allowed to assign a captain. You can make a rule that the fantasy points of the team captain are 20% higher which means that if the team captain scores 10 points then these 10 points will transform into 12 technically due to 20% increase.


These were some of the ruling variations which you can go for. If you want to know more about these variations, then check out this one by NFL. There are many rules which you can search out nowadays. You can even come up with your own rules as well.