Keeper Fantasy Leagues

Formats and Strategies
Keeper Fantasy Leagues
by Bob Lane

8 - Salary Cap Keeper Leagues

   These type of leagues will use salary monies to determine which players they will keep. The amount of money each team owner uses for keepers will have to be determined by the commish of the league.


   1) Auction to obtain players.

   2) Fair system where team owners will have to decide for themselves on how much they are willing to spend for players they keep.

   3) Some type of auction from season to season.

   4) Resembles actual pro teams by using a monetary system.


   1) Commish will have to do extra work using a salary cap system.

   2) Team owners will have to do more in an keeper salary cap league compared to regular keeper leagues.

   3) Not enough salary cap to keep all the players you would like.

   4) Difficult system for beginners

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