Keeper Fantasy Leagues

Formats and Strategies
Keeper Fantasy Leagues
by Bob Lane

7 - Contract Keeper Leagues

   These leagues will keep a certain amount of players using contracts. The contracts will vary on there length and duration. Players will be returned to the free agent pool after there contract is over. Players can be resigned though if a team has earned an anchor. Anchors just allow teams to resign players without dropping them. This is one of KFLs more desirable and fun leagues to play in from team owner responses.

   As an example. These are the types of contracts that KFL uses for there keeper contract leagues. 2 - Three year contracts, 3 - Two year contracts, 3 - One year contracts and 2 - Three year rookie contracts ( 2 rookie contracts are added each year).


   1) Unique format that is very enjoyable.

   2) Contracts for keepers.

   3) Emulates pro teams by using contracts.

   4) Rookie research.


   1) Teams may be stuck with a player on contract that is not performing up to there level.

   2) More than one player on contract may retire or end up on the DL or IR list. Where teams will also be stuck with them.

   3) Extra work for the commish.

   4) Team owners may have to do more work also understanding the system.

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         1. What is a Keeper League?
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         7. Contract Keeper Leagues
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