Keeper Fantasy Leagues

Formats and Strategies
Keeper Fantasy Leagues
by Bob Lane

6 - Limited Keeper Leagues

   These will be leagues where team owners will keep less than 50% of there roster. Again the number and years allowed for keeping players will vary greatly.


   1) There will be some type of draft.

   2) There will be a slightly bigger free agent pool for the next seasons draft.

   3) Better opportunities to improve teams.

   4) Better team owner retention.


   1) Less players teams can keep. Its all ways a hard choice on which players to keep. And with limited keepers it will be hard deciding sometimes.

   2) The top players will not be available to draft.

   3) Not a full re-draft.

   4) Again some teams may not return if they have a shallow roster with not many stars.

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         1. What is a Keeper League?
         2. Yearly / Redraft Leagues
         3. Terminology
         4. Format Styles Types
         5. Complete Dynasty Leagues
         6. Limited Keeper Leagues
         7. Contract Keeper Leagues
         8. Salary Cap Keeper Leagues
         9. Tips and Strategies
         10. Extra Tips
         11. Conclusion


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