Keeper Fantasy Leagues

Formats and Strategies
Keeper Fantasy Leagues
by Bob Lane

4 - Format Styles Types

   There are many keeper leagues out there with all kinds of formats and rules. I will classify them in 4 basic types ( Complete Dynasty, Limited Keeper, Contract Keeper and Salary Cap Keeper ). Again the exact terminology is loosely defined and you will have to look closely at each individual league you may come across, to get an exact meaning of how they define their keeper rules.

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         1. What is a Keeper League?
         2. Yearly / Redraft Leagues
         3. Terminology
         4. Format Styles Types
         5. Complete Dynasty Leagues
         6. Limited Keeper Leagues
         7. Contract Keeper Leagues
         8. Salary Cap Keeper Leagues
         9. Tips and Strategies
         10. Extra Tips
         11. Conclusion


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