Keeper Fantasy Leagues

Formats and Strategies
Keeper Fantasy Leagues
by Bob Lane

2 - Yearly / Redraft Leagues

   Keeper Leagues compared to Yearly / Redraft Leagues. Keeper leagues are for the more experienced player rather than beginners due to the amount of research and experience required to be a competitive team. Beginners without a clear understanding or the experience required to manage or coach a team will only make it harder to run your league. These new teams will be hard pressed to make a competitive team. And if that is the case they may not return next season. Making it difficult for the commish to find a new owner for a team that is all ready drafted with keeper players (depending on your specific league format) and which is potentially a very bad team. Only the most dedicated and knowledgeable people will be willing to take these teams over.

   Keeper leagues do require more time, research and micro managing. In the sense that people will have to consider long term ramifications. Such as future potential, career / age status, off season attitudes ( dedicated career players as compared to players that get in trouble with the law, for example). Yearly leagues have a "go for it all" type of attitude where none of these things will be consider. Especially age and declining or on the rise player performance and stats in years to come. With yearly leagues all these things are predetermined before the draft without consideration of future seasons. Since each year these leagues will redraft a whole roster where people will then re-evaluate each player for that season.

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         1. What is a Keeper League?
         2. Yearly / Redraft Leagues
         3. Terminology
         4. Format Styles Types
         5. Complete Dynasty Leagues
         6. Limited Keeper Leagues
         7. Contract Keeper Leagues
         8. Salary Cap Keeper Leagues
         9. Tips and Strategies
         10. Extra Tips
         11. Conclusion


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