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Creating A Keeper League
Keeper Fantasy Leagues: Bob Lane

You want to Create a Keeper Fantasy League

You all ready have plans to start a Keeper Fantasy League and know the basic Keeper Rules you want, but then you ask yourself. "How do I create the league step by step?" This tutorial will show you how to create your own keeper league in a straight forward way step by step. This will allow anyone to create a Keeper League with any Fantasy League Manager.
   1 - Finalize Rules - Before you start anything, you as commish, will have to finalize your Keeper and League Rules. This system, format, configuration or whatever you want to call it. Has to be completed and understood by all if an existing league. For new leagues it will be completely up to the person making the league. It does help to get input from anybody that may be joining the league.

    Various articles and links in KFLs Ultimate Resource sections (linked at the top of the page) and our featured article Keeper Formats & Strategies. Will help you to decide on your keeper and league rules/format.

   2 - Know How You Will Be Drafting - It is very important to know HOW you will be drafting this season and for seasons to come. This will be a crucial factor in choosing a Fantasy League Manager that can handle your draft. There are many ways of conducting a draft (I will not go into various ways of drafting as it doesn't matter here. Commishes can choose any format that they like).

   For first year leagues it does not matter how or where you draft. It ONLY matters in the seasons after. All FLMs have different ways of drafting that commishes need to be aware of. But there are 2 factors you can keep in mind when it comes time to draft each season. These come from your Keeper League Rules and how many players you can keep after the season is over for next year. They are Even or Odd Numbered Rosters. The total number of players on each roster before the draft is the main factor in choosing an FLM. But knowing how you want to draft is important in the whole process of creating a keeper league.

   I will write an article soon on "Conducting Keeper League Drafts" that will go into the subject of drafting in keeper leagues.

   3 - Chooes A Fantasy League Manager - Now that you know how you will be drafting each year you have to choose an FLM. As describe above the total number of players each team has will determine the draft order. Not all FLMs can handle an odd number draft. Another issue you may run into is that Keeper Players may not be able to be placed on rosters before the draft.

   You will need to use an FLM that can handle your draft order and draft style. You will have to find an FLM to fit your needs. OR configure your league to fit your favorite FLM. KFLs Fantasy League Manager allows commishes to keep or add players to rosters before the draft and to totally customize any draft order. With a little research you will be able to find the FLM that best suits your needs. You can view KFLs Fantasy League Managers here.

   4 - Keep Track Of Information - You will need to keep track of certain information from season to season. The main thing to keep track of is keeper players. You may also want to keep track of other info such as records, championships, ect. Depending on your FLM you may be able to keep some of this info from year to year. But, keeping track of keepers and other info at many FLMs does not exist as they only operate for the season and all info is lost. But, you will have to keep track of keeper players somehow.

   This can be done a number of ways. The easiest way to do this if the FLM does not. Is to make a master list of all keeper players on which teams. Email this to your whole league or post it at your group site, ect.

   Conclusion You have now created your Keeper League. You decided on league and keeper rules, know how you will be drafting, chose a Fantasy League Manager and know what info you need to keep track of. Our article on "Running a Keeper League" will a describe the basics of running the league for seasons after you have created it.


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